HAX is a work in progress game I have been working on for the past year. While work on the project initially started over 2 years ago as a simple 2D puzzle game themed around hacking, it has evolved into a much more complex project. 
HAX at this current stage is a 3D Action game with puzzle elements similar to a Metroid or Zelda game.  Gameplay takes place across the Real World and the VR World.  Computers, servers, or any other web-connected objects in the Real World can be hacked or compromised based on your actions in the VR World.
The player can get access to the full VR World from most computers in the Real World. While there are many side quests and story elements to discover in the real world, the main line story centers around hacking into large scale government organizations and private companies in order to better understand the VR World and it's cloudy history.  

These large scale hacks are comparable to dungeons in a Zelda game.  They will serve as places for you to expand your skill set and develop new tools alongside other hackers.  
Hacking consists of altering the program code from key public access points. Choosing what type of code to run, and what the code should be applied to comes into play.  These allow you to bypass security systems and firewalls, and ideally remaining undetected.   
Occasionally it is necessary to use brute force against a system that has taken notice of you.  Sometimes you will have to fight off other viruses and malware which might have already infected a program.  
I will continue to post more information about this project as it progresses, including more recent concept art and detailed character and environment models.  

This game is being built in Unity 3D using assets I have created in Blender.  

Most of the code has been written by me in C#, although some tools such as the Saving structure are based on free or purchased tools from the Unity asset store. 

Texture work has primarily been done in Photoshop and Illustrator. 

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